Telix Medical Social Media Community Guidelines

Telix Medical is Telix’s dedicated channel for health care practitioners to stay updated on Telix’s clinical programs, clinical results and presence at industry events. Our posts are intended for factual non-promotional communication with HCP audiences only.

  • Please be patient; sometimes responses take time.
  • Please do not include personal information in your posts or be disparaging of other user views.
  • Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of third-party links we may share.
  • Replying to or mentioning users does not imply our endorsement or agreement.
  • Content shared is intended for non-promotional educational purposes and to facilitate scientific exchange between healthcare professionals.
  • Telix respects scientific independence – third-party views stated are those of contributors and not Telix.
  • Content is provided for the personal use of the audience and is accurate at the date of publication.
  • Telix products are currently investigational use only unless indicated. Except for Illuccix (Ga-68 gozetotide injection) in United States, Australia and Canada, none of the other products have received a marketing authorisation in any jurisdiction.
  • Registrations vary country to country. The content may contain information that is not approved in your country. Refer to your local approved label for full information.
  • Any content relating to investigational products is based on publicly available data and is subject to future regulatory developments and product approvals.