Extensive, late-stage radiopharmaceutical pipeline

Our core product pipeline, focused on  urologic oncology (prostate and kidney), neuro-oncology (glioma), musculoskeletal oncology (sarcoma) and bone marrow conditioning has generated extensive clinical data that demonstrate the potential for efficacy and good safety profile. We believe the targets and indications we are pursuing are well validated and are well suited for the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic targeted radiation. The use of imaging to select patients for therapy is also a differentiated aspect of our commercial strategy.

Shaded sections Indicate expected development stage in the next 12 months.

1. Prostate-specific membrane antigen.
2. Carbonic anhydrase IX.
3. Trade name subject to final regulatory approval.
4. Large amino acid transporters 1 and 2.
5. Trade name subject to final regulatory approval.
6. Soft tissue sarcoma.
7. Platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha.
8. Bone marrow conditioning.
9. Cluster of differentiation 66.
10. Marketed under licence by Curium Pharma.