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Telix Pharmaceuticals was created to deliver on the promise of nuclear medicine

The field of nuclear medicine has historically lacked clinical momentum and commitment to late-stage product development. Our goal is to rectify this for the benefit of patients.

Since the latest edition of Baselworld, in 2015, it also features a new in-house movement, the Calibre MT5612. And it leads us to this simple conclusion: there will be more variations of this movement in the coming years! replicawatches.to Therefore, we imagined the first one, will be with a GMT complication, something that we know to be extremely useful and rather applauded by potential clients – and that its missing in the actual Tudor catalogue (indeed, theres no GMT watches in the current Tudor line up). We also know that the base movement can easily accept extra-complications, like its the case with the North Flag, which features a power reserve.

Latest News

Illuccix® Granted Use Authorisation for Prostate Cancer Imaging in Brazil

Melbourne (Australia) and Porto Alegre (Brazil) – 1 December 2021. The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency has granted an exceptional authorisation...

First Telix and Duchembio Joint Symposium – Emergence of PSMA-PET Imaging in South Korea

22 November 2021 – Clinical Spotlight | Telix and Duchembio announce a joint symposium on 68Ga-PSMA-PET imaging in Korea

NOBLE Study Brings Advanced Prostate Imaging to Rural Australia – First Patient Dosed

Melbourne (Australia) – 15 November 2021. The first Australian patient has been dosed in the international NOBLE Registry, a study aimed at improving access to state-of-the-art prostate...

Australian TGA Approves Illuccix® for Prostate Cancer Imaging

Melbourne (Australia) – 02 November 2021. Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved Illuccix® for the diagnostic imaging of men with prostate...