About Us

Telix Pharmaceuticals was created to deliver on the promise of nuclear medicine

The field of nuclear medicine has historically lacked clinical momentum and commitment to late-stage product development. Our goal is to rectify this for the benefit of patients.

Latest News

Telix Pharmaceuticals Releases Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2020 and 2020 Annual Report

Melbourne (Australia) – 26th February 2021. Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited Releases Full-Year 2020 Results and 2020 Annual Report.

Telix and Kanazawa University Cleared to Commence Prostate Cancer Imaging Study in Japan

Melbourne (Australia) and Kyoto (Japan) – 22nd February 2021. Telix Japan receives Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) clearance to commence a...

Czech Republic Grants National Authorisation for the Use of Telix’s Prostate Cancer Imaging Product

Melbourne (Australia) and Liège (Belgium) – 16th February 2021. Telix announces the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is...

Telix and Heidelberg University Hospital to Develop Next Generation Theranostics

Melbourne (Australia) and Heidelberg (Germany) – 10th February 2021. Telix announces research cooperation agreement with Heidelberg University Hospital to develop...