Precision oncology
See it. Treat it.

Using targeted radiation to combine therapeutic and diagnostic modalities, Telix’s technology has potential to benefit patients across their entire medical journey. Our broad and deep portfolio and innovative pipeline are supporting clinicians to make the best decisions, more accurately and efficiently, and to deliver better patient outcomes – quality and quantity of life.

Targeted radiation

Many existing therapies for cancer and rare diseases are non-selective and as a result can act against healthy tissue and vital organs while treating disease. Existing external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) approaches are effective but typically only deliver localised treatment and cause damage to surrounding tissue. Localised therapeutic approaches rely on the treating physician making assumptions about the extent of disease and can result in imprecise application of treatment. Treatments that miss small amounts of affected cells can lead to a recurrence of the cancer or disease.

Our radiopharmaceuticals are designed to deliver focused doses of radiation with precision targeting via an injection, regardless of where the cancer or disease is in the body.