Radiation has never been more important in cancer care

Radiation has always been a critical part of cancer care, but efficacy has generally been limited in the metastatic setting, while high dosage radiation has come with unwanted side effects. The evolution from external-beam radiation to systemically-delivered and targeted radiation is transforming the use of radiation in cancer care, across the spectrum of diagnostics and staging, to surgical intervention.

Telix is developing targeted radiation for both stand-alone treatment and “combination therapy”. The goal is to integrate with traditional medical oncology, to deliver potentially more targeted and personalised therapy, and patient-friendly dosing regimens.

Illuccix® for prostate cancer imaging

PSMA PET/CT technology is a breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnosis. Illuccix (kit for the preparation of Ga-68 Glu-urea-Lys(ahx)-hbed-CC Injection), also known as 68Ga-PSMA-11 injection), Telix’s lead prostate cancer imaging agent has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and Health Canada approval.