Telix to Collaborate with Kettering Health on Diagnostic PSMA Imaging & Targeting Theranostics

Melbourne (Australia), Indianapolis (IN, U.S.A.), and Kettering (OH, U.S.A.) – 7 September 2021. Telix announces collaboration with Kettering Health on PSMA-targeting theranostics

Telix is pleased to announce it has commenced a collaboration with Kettering Health, a faith-based network of 13 hospitals, emergency centers, and outpatient facilities located in Southwest Ohio; headquartered at the Kettering Memorial Hospital in Kettering, Ohio, United States.

The parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalising their intent to work together to foster late-stage clinical research into Telix’s investigational PSMA-targeting radiopharmaceuticals, Illuccix® (Kit for the preparation of 68Ga-PSMA-11 injection, for diagnostic imaging with positron emission tomography or PET) and Lu-177 PSMA (TLX591, for radioligand therapy), and to establish Kettering Health as a regional centre of excellence for PET Molecular Imaging (Ml) and Theranostics, with an initial focus on the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

The MOU outlines the principles of the collaboration between Kettering Health and Telix. The parties intend to develop binding agreements for each aspect of the collaboration, based on the principles set out in the MOU.

Telix and Kettering Health plan to work closely with multiple industry leaders, culminating in the rapid implementation of PET MI technologies (imaging and theranostics) into clinical services for patients in the region. The aim is to capitalize on the growing demand for PET MI, catalysed by the exponential growth of new radiopharmaceuticals in the short term, and over the longer-term, develop a continuous pipeline of new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of multiple diseases.

Dr Martin Satter, Senior Molecular Imaging Scientist at Kettering Health said, “We believe PET Molecular Imaging has the potential to quickly redefine, reimagine and reinvent the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiac and other diseases. This belief has evolved and crystalized over our 30-year history in PET MI, and our current re-commitment to this technology including our recent upgrades of a medical cyclotron, radiochemistry lab, and clean room, as well as a digital PET/CT scanner. We are excited to work with Telix – a global leader in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and radioligand therapy – to foster research and innovation in a non-academic setting. Telix shares our commitment to bring personalized medicine to our region through these disruptive technologies.”

Dr Bernard Lambert, President of Telix Americas added “This is a collaboration that brings together leading industry, technical, academic and clinical resources to further explore the potential of our PSMA-targeting radiopharmaceuticals. It reinforces Telix’s position as a leading innovator in this field, with a commitment to driving forward both clinical development alongside the supply chain, to support the commercialisation journey.”

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