Telix and Heidelberg University Hospital to Develop Next Generation Theranostics

Melbourne (Australia) and Heidelberg (Germany) – 10th February 2021. Telix announces research cooperation agreement with Heidelberg University Hospital to develop next-generation theranostic radiopharmaceuticals for urologic oncology.

Telix is pleased to announce it has concluded a research cooperation agreement with Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany to develop next-generation theranostic radiopharmaceuticals for urologic oncology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Telix and UKHD will co-develop new conjugates and constructs for diagnostic and therapeutic use.

The goal of the collaboration is to identify theranostic radiopharmaceutical candidates and generate sufficient data to proceed to first in human trials, with all candidates being evaluated in a pre-clinical study (in vitro and in vivo analysis, toxicology, and manufacturing suitable for clinical translation).

Telix CEO, Dr Christian Behrenbruch, stated, “We are delighted to announce this research cooperation agreement, which formalises the strengthening relationship between Telix and Heidelberg University Hospital. We could not be more excited by the potential of this collaboration to develop and potentially commercialise new therapeutic products to serve the needs of patients living with cancer.”

Prof. Frederik Giesel, Vice-Chair of Nuclear Medicine at UKHD added, “We are thrilled to dive into a deeper collaboration between Telix and UKHD to devote our expertise in possible new theranostic agents and novel radionuclide combinations to improve patient care in urologic oncology, particularly prostate cancer.”

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