Strategy Update – Acceleration of Prostate Cancer Therapy Program

MELBOURNE  (Australia) – 9 January 2019. Telix Pharmaceuticals announces a strategy update for the TLX591 (prostate therapy) program.

Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited today announced a strategy update for the TLX591 (prostate therapy) program.

In conjunction with the completion of the acquisition of Atlab Pharma SAS (ASX release: 11/09/18) Telix instigated an audit of the historical academic data for huJ591 (the “parent” antibody to Telix’s prostate therapy program).

The high-level data from several academic Phase I and II studies has been previously published in a peer-reviewed setting, however much of the clinical detail remains undisclosed. Analysis of the data and independent monitoring by a third-party Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is strongly supportive of taking huJ591 into a Phase III study under certain dosing conditions (fractionated dosing), subject to regulatory approval. In doing so, Telix is potentially able to accelerate its antibody-directed prostate cancer radiotherapy program by approximately two years. Certain commercial opportunities underpin this decision.

The full media release can be accessed here.