Special Advisor

Dr Richard Zimmermann is a chemistry engineer, PhD in Organic Chemistry (Strasbourg), who spent 15 years working in R&D with the conventional pharmaceutical industry first with Beecham (cardiology) then Solvay Pharma (immunology, gastroenterology) before joining in 1998 the radiopharmaceutical industry as R&D Director with CISbio international (Saclay). Richard was responsible for building the European PET/FDG manufacturing network for CIS/IBA and took the position of VP Business Development for IBA Molecular. In 2012, Richard established Chrysalium Consulting, which provides specialized consulting expertise in radiopharmaceutical development and industrialization. Richard is cofounder of MEDraysintell, President of the Oncidium foundation, a co-founder of Rad4med.be, and Chairman of two early-stage companies, Medisystem and ANMI.