Non-Executive Director
MD PhD (Berlin) 

Dr Kluge has over 20 years of clinical research and development experience, including as Founder, General Manager and Medical Director for ABX-CRO, a full service CRO for Phase I-III biological, radiopharmaceutical and anticancer trials based in Dresden, Germany. He is also Founder and was founding CEO of ABX GmbH (, one of the leading manufacturers of radiopharmaceutical precursors globally. Andreas is further Founder, General Manager and Medical Director for Therapeia, an early stage development company in the field of neurooncology, which was acquired by Telix. Andreas has extensive experience in the practice of Nuclear Medicine and radiochemistry, molecular imaging and the clinical development of novel radionuclide-based products and devices. He is the author of numerous patents and publications in the field of Nuclear Medicine, neurology, infection and immunology. Andreas is a registered physician and holds a doctorate in Medicine from the Free University of Berlin.