Seneffe Manufacturing Facility – Shareholder Walkthrough

Melbourne (Australia) 28 April 2020 - Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited provides a shareholder walkthrough of it's recently acquired Seneffe manufacturing facility

Telix Pharmaceuticals is pleased to provide a shareholder walkthrough of it’s recently acquired Seneffe manufacturing facility in Belgium.

Seneffe will serve as the primary EU manufacturing site for Telix’s products and will also be used to manufacture 131I-based products for export (i.e. TLX101) using Belgian-source isotopes (Belgium is a major global supplier).

Seneffe will be an integral part of Telix’s EU R&D capability, building on the ANMI team to leverage Telix’s strong relationships with key Belgian radiopharma entities and will also serve as a platform for key R&D collaborations with European universities and hospitals.

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